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“A Working Girl Can't Win”

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a Working Girl Can't Win Press-photosHans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen in a reading-performance by Cordula Nossek for adults and adolescents in German or English — duration: 60 minutes

High up in the north country there lives the Snow Queen in her palace made of ice and snow. All she thinks of in the cold, lonely winter nights is to find a beloved. Her cold breath is irresistable and taking a look at her face makes you shiver with delight.

So it happend to Kay who joined her blindly. But one day his girl-friend set out for the palace to melt the lost heart of Kay.

About eroticism of ice and snow based on a tale of Hans Christian Andersen.

Facts (per September, 30th 2005)

Title: “A Working Girl Can't Win”
Debut performance: November 2005, MÖP
Production: Dachtheater
Words (based on Hans Christian Andersen) & acting: Cordula Nossek
Direction & stage design: Gernot Ebenlechner

Technical Rider

Stage: not less than 3m (width) x 2m
Set up time : 60 minutes
Disassembly: 30 minutes
Stage light: 220V AC on stage, possibility to black out
Seats: maximum 100 recommended
Duration: 60 minutes

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